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Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc. (OTC: ESFS)

The Story of How Eco-Safe Systems Inc. Employs Ozonated Water, Nature's Safest & Most Powerful Organic Disinfectant, for Complete Sanitization. Applications for Hazmat Decon (Portable), Fresh Foods and Food Handling Facilities, Water Reclamation, Veterinary, Agricultural, and Dental.
Introducing a  'green' miracle. A safe, cost-effective and organic method of sanitizing fresh seafood, poultry, meat, and produce without leaving any chemical residue. An FDA approved  way of eliminating on contact 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and parasites including food-borne  pathogens like E. coli, Shigella, Listeria,  Hepatitis-A, Botulinum, and Salmonella. Perishable foods stay fresh and flavorful much longer on the shelf.  These wonders come courtesy of Eco-Safe Systems USA (ESFS). The firm owns a patent-pending ozonated water technology that has solved the riddle of food, water, and biological safety. They've landed major names as clients including Whole Foods Markets, Marriott Hotels, Bumble Bee, The Cheesecake FactorySeaWorld Orlando, Simply Fresh Fruits, wholesale giant Golden West Trading, Halperns (premium meat & seafood distributor), Seafood City, 99 Ranch Market, Natural Balance Pet Foods, famed Crustacean Beverly Hills among others. The insurance industry has taken note and offers substantial premium discounts  to food businesses that install  Eco-Safe Systems food and water purification equipment. 

Called the "gold standard of food safety and freshness and sanitary assured facilities," all Eco-Safe units are quality made in USA, fully compliant with FDA and USDA regulations, and have received HAACP, NSF, and Organic certifications. For an extensive list of pathogens destroyed by ozone click here Eco-Safe Systems also specializes in wastewater reclamation and manufactures a patent-pending high-capacity unit (MD-2000-2S) for food processing, industrial, and agricultural applications. Wastewater treated by Eco-Safe can be reach or exceed potable purity.  

Prodded by public safety agencies, Eco-Safe has introduced a special patent-pending portable Hazmat Decon product line that  inactivates biological weapons agents. Their first offering Hazmat R-1000-HM  can be pre-ordered and will be available for delivery after July 1, 2012.  Separately, Eco-Safe technology can be used by the oil drilling industry in the clean-up of produced water from wells. Given the magnitude of the problem, this new application offers Eco-Safe very large growth potential.

A Natural Germicide and Odor-eater of Unequaled Potency and Safety  

Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc. makes, sells, and leases an impressive array of  ozonated water machines  not only for the integrated food industry, from producers to purveyors, but also for farms, homes, factories, trade, police, fire, and military. Employing advanced patent pending technology, Eco-Safe machines create super Oxygen III which instantly dissolves into a flow of cold water. The result is Mother Nature's safest yet most powerful disinfectant and anti-microbial -- USDA Organic, FDA approved, non toxic, and residue free. Eco-Safe units attach to an ordinary cold water intake and yield a stream or spray of ozonated water that disinfects 3100X faster than chlorine wash, destroys even the foulest of odors, and sanitizes foods, preparation surfaces, display cases, equipment, indeed, entire facilities. There is no downside. Electricity costs are minor.  The only "residue" is pure oxygen. Microbial kill rate is nearly 100 percent according to controlled scientific studies, and yet ozonated water, up to 50X more powerful than chlorine disinfectant, is harmless to the user. 

WR 3700
Eco-Safe units, such as their newest high-end unit, the high capacity MD-2000-2S, are designed to purify and  reclaim large volumes of wastewater generated from farms or factories. A giant potato farm in Idaho has recently purchased an MD-2000-2S (not pictured) for this purpose. Still other units improve tap water purity and taste. 

                                               Eco-Safe scientist discusses ozone water disinfection.
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                Eco-Safe Program of Increased Profit Margins

The Company has demonstrated that chain restaurants and supermarkets, large-scale food processors, and wholesale food distributors can increase bottom line profits 25-50% by using Eco-Safe equipment. The Company advertises a  four to six month return on investment following installation. Cost reductions  are achieved by low shrinkage plus savings in energy, chemicals, and labor. As an added bonus,  there are fewer sick days.  A typical supermarket using Eco-Safe’s MD-2000 to deliver ozonated water in the produce, fish, meat and poultry food preparation areas can save approximately $12,000 per month in shrinkage. Smaller firms and mom-and-pop outfits can reap substantial savings, as well. 

Each year, supermarket chains bury food worth US$20 billion in landfills. The self-evident message from Eco-Safe is that it's more profitable to sell fresh food at full price than it is to throw it away spoiled.  Were the food industry to implement Eco-Safe Systems food freshness and purity program, a shameful waste of food could be markedly reduced not to mention drastic reductions in food-borne illness and legal liabilities.
     Company describes economic benefits of ozonated water technology.


The Great Chefs Love Eco-Safe
Famed Chef Edward Ungrue of the magnificent and prestigious San Gabriel Country Club near Los Angeles relies extensively on the Eco-Safe R-1000 in his kitchens at that 100-year old club, a golfing playground for many Hollywood V.I.P.s. Chef Ungrue calls the Eco-Safe ozonated water system "one of my best friends in the kitchen" and notes "it pays for itself in quite a short time." See video of Chef Ungue using Eco-Safe technology in the club kitchen.                     

The Cheesecake Factory
Award-wininng Robert Okura is the top corporate chef of  The Cheesecake Factory, a billion dollar restaurant chain with 171 locations. The Cheesecake Factory purchased an Eco-Safe MD-2000 unit in April 2010, the first of five installations to date. The restaurant chain intends to fit out all of  their locations with Eco-Safe sanitizing equipment. Chef  Okura noted that fruits and vegetables improve in texture and appearance after treatment. "I can't live without this machine," he said

Insurance Industry Teams with Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc.

Whole Foods Market
By reducing client exposure to lawsuits, product recalls, and business interruptions caused by contaminated food or unsanitary conditions, Eco-Safe has riveted the attention of the insurance industry which now offers insurance premium discounts exclusively for companies that use Eco-Safe Ozone Disinfection Systems. These substantial premium reductions are only available for industry clients who install ozone disinfection systems manufactured by Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc.

Hghlighted Properties of Eco-Safe Ozonated Water Intervention

1. Eco-Safe powered ozonated water destroys  bacteria, viruses, parasites and mold that cause odor, illness, or death. On direct contact, ozone water kills Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Listeria, Shigella, Hepatitis-A, Swine Flu, Norovirus and hundreds of other dangerous or deadly pathogens such as  chlorine-resistant spores of Cryptosporidium and Bacillus anthracis. Bacillus anthracis spores in particular are highly resilient and can survive extremes of temperature, low-nutrient environments, and harsh chemical treatment for decades or even centuries. Microbial pathogens cannot develop immunity to ozonated water because their cell membranes are by their nature permeable to ozone, nature's strongest oxidizer. Healthy somatic cells remain unaffected. See sidebar. Ozone water neutralizes botulinum toxin and arsenic. It also eradicates NDM-1 antibiotic-resistant "superbugs." For an extensive list of pathogens destroyed by ozone click here.
2. Eco-Safe ozonated water sanitizes fresh foods and food-related working surfaces, utensils, display cases, equipment, and facilities. Reclaims and purifies wastewater for re-use. Neutralizes hazardous biological materials. Reduces or ends reliance on chlorine disinfectant wash, chemical pesticides, bactericides, and fungicides.
3. Leaves no chemical residue. Ozone (O3) dissipates from water after 20-30 minutes in the form of pure oxgyen (O2). Destroys all disagreeable odors of decay and putresence.
4. Up to 50 times more powerful than standard chlorine wash (20 ppm); kills bacteria on contact 3,100 times faster than chlorine.
Fresh fish protected by Eco-Safe
5. Shelf life of perishables extended to weeks in some cases. Food spoilage reduced 25% to 50%. Seafood, poultry, meats, and produce stay fresh and flavorful until sold, cooked, or presented. Freshness, taste, and hydration of vegetable produce enhanced. (See video below article.)
6. Insurance premiums reduced for clients who specifically install an Eco-Safe ozonated water system.
7. Ozonated water of low concentration proven an effective broad spectrum anti-microbial.
8. Ozonated water approved by FDA for use on food (GRAS; 2001) and approved by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) as final food rinse. Registered with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).
9. Conforms to USDA Organic food standards.  Note: USDA Organic certification cannot be applied to organically grown foods washed with chlorine.
10. Sanitizing effect best achieved in cold water thereby reducing energy costs.
11. Tri-atomic ozone (O3), inexpensively produced from universally available oxygen, is 12.5 times more soluble in H2O compared to the solubility of atmospheric oxygen (O2) in H2O.
12. Employees can safely use ozonated water for all washing and sanitization purposes by merely opening the tap and washing foods or objects in question. Instantly sanitizes and deodorizes hands; substantially lowers risk of disease transmission.
13. No hazardous chlorine chemicals to purchase, measure, or mix; no need to wash chlorine off foods. Labor costs reduced; plant safety increased; liability risks dramatically decreased. 
Note: Chlorine wash forms ingestable carcinogenic chemicals on foods.
14. Ozonated water harmless to humans, pets, plants, and animals. A rejuvenating skin cleanser. Also shown to enhance plant growth.
15. The sole byproduct of non-toxic ozonated water is pure oxygen, the life force.

Eco-Safe Systems Clients. Ozonated Water Intervention Systems..

Whole Foods Markets. Eco-Safe technology installed in 13 locations and expanding. See sidebar video.
WFMI: US$8.03 billion annual sales; 308 store locations.  

Whole Foods Commissary Southwest USA Region. Eco-Safe technology installed. Southwest Whole Foods Commissary provides prepared and prepackaged foods to 32 Whole Foods Market stores in its range.  Nine commissaries serve the nationwide Whole Foods Market chain. Company expects Eco-Safe units will extend to all nine regional commissaries.

Cheesecake FactoryEco-Safe  in five locations. Intends to install Eco-Safe units in every CF location.  CAKE: US$1.8 billion annual sales; 171 sites.

Marriott Desert Springs Flagship Hotel & Resort California
Marriott International.  Eco-Safe technology installed at flagship hotel near Palm Springs. Marriott International operates or franchises 3400 properties in 67 countries. Revenues US$3.4 billion (2009); employees 151,000.

Seafood City. Eco-Safe technology installed; commitment to fit out all locations. Successful fast-growing chain of restaurant-markets emphasizing seafood and freshly prepared foods; currently 20 locations in California, Nevada, and Washington State; Filipino owned and operated.

Halperns Meat amd Seafood Processing Facility
Atlanta, Georgia
Halperns. Purveyor of Steak and Seafood. Eco-Safe's large scale MD-2000 unit installed at Halperns' giant meat and seafood processing center in Atlanta. Halperns supplies gourmet fare to a long list of premier hotels and restaurants in Texas, the Greater Southeast USA, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Islands. Founded in 1966, family-run Halperns is an acknowledged safety innovator and leader in the processing and distribution of  fresh  strictly top-quality  meat and seafood. The firm has received awards and honors of distinction from both industry and academe.
World Famous Crustacean of Beverly Hills. Eco-Safe technology installed. Hailed as "the nation's best new restaurant" by Esquire Magazine in January 1997 and attracting a Hollywood celebrity crowd, Crustacean Beverly Hills has been lauded by the press worldwide for its resplendent cuisine and award-winning Euro-Vietnamese design featuring the "Walk on Water" entrance.

KTA Super Market Hawaii
KTA Super Stores. Eco-Safe technology installed. Hawaiian 6-location leading superstore grocery chain.

Nealey Foods of Chicago. Eco-Safe technology installed. Major midwest wholesaler of meat, poultry, and seafood since 1942.

 Eco-Safe's largest high-end  unit, the high capacity MD-2000-2S, a water reclamation unit of special design has been purchased by one of the nation's largest potato growers in Idaho, an important food producing and processing giant with many thousands of acres under cultivation.    
Simply Fresh Fruit of  Vernon, California
Simply Fresh Fruit. Largest Eco-Safe unit MD-Dual 2000 installed at their Vernon, California plant. Processes over 1,000,000 lbs. of fresh fruit per week.

University of Hawaii Culinary Institute of the Pacific. Eco-Safe technology installed in 24 food preparation areas on seven campuses.

Southern Wild Seafoods. Eco-Safe technology installed. Vernon, CA fish processor; Sales US$4 million per annum.
 Kanaloa Seafood. Eco-Safe technology installed. Santa Barbara, California fish processor.

  Fresh Direct Grocery. Eco-Safe technology installed at 350,000 sq. ft. facility in NYC. Fresh produce online; six million orders since 2002; US$240 million annual sales. FDG raising $200 million for multi-city expansion.

Golden West Trading Inc. of Vernon, California
Eco-Safe Ozonated Water Disinfection in Action at GWT (1:18)
Golden West Trading, Inc. Largest Eco-Safe MD-Dual 2000 installed @ 50,000 sq. ft facility processing 125,000 chickens daily in Vernon, California facility. 

Elat Market. Eco-Safe technology installed. Largest kosher fish market; Los Angeles, California.

Golden State Seafood. Eco-Safe technology installed. Seafood supplier to kosher markets in Southern California; sales US$1.0 million per month.

 International Marine Products. Eco-Safe technology installed. Fish wholesaler San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sydney; also owns/operates a 25-restaurant chain in Tokyo. Purchased multiple Eco-Safe disinfection units for U.S. locations. Processes ten tons of fresh fish per day.

 Seaworld Orlando Florida. Sale of Eco-Safe ozone disinfection system for sanitization of diving equipment.
Niitakaya USA. Eco-Safe technology installed. Japanese specialty foods.

Nijiya Market. Eco-Safe technology installed. Popular 13-store chain of Japanese food markets found in New York, California, and Hawaii.
Fairway Market (New York Metro Area, 9 stores)

Natural Balance Pet Foods. Eco-Safe client. Founded in 1989 by film and television actor Dick Van Patten, Natural Balance Pet Foods sells its products to thousands of outlets that include pet shops, zoos, pet chain stores, and health food stores.

Azuma Foods International. Eco-Safe installed. Azuma Foods is a large food processor and food purveyor that was begun in 1966 and operates in the U.S.A., Japan, China, and Canada. The company, which gathers about $50 million in sales, is known for its prepared seafood specialties.
Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel. Waikiki, Hawaii. Eco-Safe Natural Clean Ozone Laundry System in operation.

5-Star Raffles L'Ermitage Hotel, Beverly Hills CA
Eco-Safe Natural Clean Ozone Laundry System installed. Used for all linens, sheets, and towels. In February 2010 interview, head of housekeeping and staff indicated Eco-Safe washed fabrics come out cleaner, whiter, softer, and last longer compared to results achieved by conventional washing mahines and chemical agents. Cold water wash; significant energy savings noted; naturally clean, disinfected, and soft. Only small amounts of non allergenic biodegradeable detergent used. No fabric softeners of any kind are added. 

Hollywood Dog Training School. North Hollywood, California. Eco-Safe technology installed. Hollywood Dog Training School, founded in 1927, is a world renowned animal training school. Trains dogs for Hollywood film industry and the stars and serves the needs of Los Angeles pet owners. Their history dates back to the early days of Hollywood and includes wonder dog Rin Tin Tin and generations of "Lassie" collies of film and television fame.

Ft. Shafter U.S. Army Base. Eco-Safe Natural Clean Ozone Laundry System in operation.
Los Angeles County, California
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The Writing on the Wall:
Chlorine & Ozone

Chlorine as a disinfectant for water dates to 1850. Its first use in a U.S. public water supply occurred in 1908. Later, chlorine germicide found its way to food and food processing facilities. As a gas, chlorine is explosive, highly toxic, and exceedingly dangerous to handle. Added to public drinking water, chlorine has saved countless lives from water borne illnesses like cholera, typhus, and dysentery although its overall environmental effect is keenly debated. Notwithstanding the powerful chlorine lobby, chlorine's days as the default disinfectant for the food industry may be numbered. Ozonated water as disinfectant is without question the greener, safer, and more powerful alternative to chlorine wash which can leave unhealthy if not carcinogenic chemical residue. Unbeknownst to many American consumers, most domestic poultry products are washed if not soaked in a strong chlorine solution. U.S. consumers therefore have little choice except to eat chlorinated chicken. On the other hand, Russia and the European Union, aware of the dangers posed, have banned all imports of American poultry dosed with chlorine. As if to insinuate the hazard of ingesting chlorine contaminants, the FDA Food Code was amended in 2009 and, for the first time, presses for acceptance of ozone treatment of fruits and vegetables at "food establishments." The National Restaurant Association representing 380,000 member U.S. restaurants has taken the cue; their signature Serv Safe protocol (a requisite for member restaurants) now references cleansing of fresh produce with ozonated water. The FDA push for ozone disinfection at food establishments obviously benefits Eco-Safe

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and Eco-Safe Systems
A controversial bill called the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act" passed during a "lame duck" session of the 111th U.S. Congress and was subsequently signed into law on 04 January 2010.  It is the first sweeping change to the 1938 law that granted the FDA enhanced regulatory powers over food and drugs. The new law gives the FDA expanded authority over 80 percent of the nation's food supply (excepting USDA-regulated meat and poultry products) by ceding to that agency mandatory recall authority and expanded access to records and, for the first time, regulatory power over growers. It requires growers and food facilities to implement food safety plans and stipulates that facilities importing foreign food to the U.S. meet the same standards. The act  raises the bar on food purity standards and significantly increases penalties for non-compliance. It further integrates food production with oversight by the Homeland Security Department. 

Dairy Farm

The Tester-Hagan amendment to the law establishes certain categorical exemptions and softens what otherwise would have been a crippling blow to small growers and producers,  family food businesses, and farmers' markets. Farms that grow fruits and vegetables, gross less than US$500,000 (inflation adjusted),  and sell more than half their products directly to consumers, local restaurants, and/or local retailers are exempt from  FDA registration requirements and produce safety standards (HACCP). Tester-Hagan further exempts farms that sell under their own label, sell directly within their own state, or sell within a 275-mile radius. Likewise free from new FDA rules are 1) businesses that process foods and sell more than half their products directly to individual consumers (not businesses) and 2) food businesses that gross less than US$500,000 (inflation adjusted) and sell more than half of their food products directly to consumers, local restaurants, and/or retail establishments.

Eco-Safe Systems ozonated water complies with any foreseeable tightening of food safety requirements; residue-laden chlorine may not. The Company's technology is fully compliant with the FDA and USDA  and has received HAACP, NSF, and Organic certifications.

Given the robust response to the Company's ozone intervention systems by the integrated food industy not to mention the keen interest of government and safety enforcement agencies, the Company anticipates dramatic nationwide expansion of their ozonated water intervention systems for applications pertaining to food, drinking water, waste treatment, biologic decontamination, and water reclamation.
The Eco-Safe Solution vs. Industry Status Quo
History shows that outbreaks of food-borne illness caused by dangerous pathogens can inflict enormous financial damage, direct or collateral, to the food industry. The recent  E. coli outbreak in Europe is a catastrophic reminder of the immense costs and penalties of lax or insufficient food safety measures. Goaded by  regulations, threats of crushing lawsuits, and plain public fury, growers and food-related firms have no choice but to give top priority to food safety. Food safety, clean water, and biological  safety are non-negotiable. This is why a growing legion of  food distributors and processors, supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants, water reclamation specialists, Hazmat officials, and public safety agencies are turning to Eco-Safe Systems for the ultimate cost-effective sanitary solution.
Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc.
7306 Coldwater Canyon Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605-4220


Eco-Safe Systems USA, Inc. issues certified financial audits. The Company's press releases cite leases, purchases, or units on 30-day approval by named and unnamed client firms.
           One-step "Eco-Jet" ozone cold-water disinfecting power wash vs. multi-step conventional wash 

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